How To Setup A Go Kart/Dunne Buggy? -Part Two
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We'll Update Else Assemble Parts.

2. Assembly

2.1 Assemble the rear shocks (pic.18): take down the bolts from the shocks, lift the rear swing arm to let the top of shock into the fixing seats of frame, use 37-44NM torque to fix the shocks attached the frame. (Note: 1NM = 0.74 lb ft)


2.2 Assemble the rear wheels (pic.19): screw the castle nut M16x1.5 tightly with 98-103NM, then open the cotter pin 3X40 for fixing, take down the nuts on the rear axle hub, lift the frame to install the wheel (please pay attention to the right direction of wheel installation as shown in the pic. 19), screw the tire nuts tightly with torque 37-44NM, cover the hub cover.


2.3 Assemble the front lower suspension arm (pic.20): lift the frame over the ground, take down the bolts and washers on the bulbs of strut, attach the lower suspension arm to the strut, put on the washer and castle nut in order, screw the nut with 55-62NM torque, fix the cotter pin 2.5X25 through the castle nut.


2.4 Assemble the front shock absorber (pic.21): Take down the bolt on the shock absorber, attach the shock absorber to the front lower suspension arm, and fix the bolt with 37-44NM torque.


2.5 Assemble the front wheel (pic.22): Take down the tire bolts on the hub, set up the front wheel on the right position of hub, fix the tire bolts with 37-44NM torque, put on the hub cover.


2.6 Assemble the rear cargo rack (pic.23): After the front and rear wheels have been assembled correctly, push the kart out from the bottom board. Hold the rear cargo rack aiming installation positions on the cargo rack and the frame (to avoid bumping between frame and cargo rack, please lay on some air bubble on the frame for better protection!), put the R-washers onto the bolts M8X55, screw on the bolts 3circle. Then put on the bolts M8x20 and M8 self-locking nuts to the rack support arms, attach the arms with rear cargo rack and frame together, tightening all the bolts.


2.7 Assemble the long bar cages (pic.24): put two sides of long bar cages onto the connection rods on frame and rear cargo rack fixing with bolt M8x55, R-washer and M8 nut. Tightening the bolt.


2.8 Assemble the side bar (pic.25): Put one side of side bar onto the connection rod of frame, connect the side bar with frame together with bolt M8x55, R-washer and M8 nut, do not tightening the bolts. Connect another side of side bar with long bar cage together with R-washer and bolt M8x55. Screw on all the bolts tightly.


2.9 、Assemble the cross bar (pic.26): Connect the cross bar with two long bar cages with bolt M8X55 and R-washer, do not tightening the bolts at this step.


2.10 Assemble the roof rack bars and head light (pic.27): fix the rear cross bar with long bar cage together using bolt M8x55, R-washer. Assemble the bolt M8X115, washer∮8, head light and bushing in   order

onto the front bar cage of roof rack through long bar cage, adjust the head light to a right angle, screw on the bolt M8x115 with torque 22-29NM.


2.11 Screw on the bolts from step 2.6 to 2.10 with torque 22- 29NM.

2.12 Assemble the awning (pic.28): Put the foam padding around the top of long bar cage, cover the awning on the right position, fasten the string.


2.13 Assemble the side mirror (pic.27): Put the side mirror on the mount  of frame, fix the side mirror with M10x1.25 nut with torque 37-44NM, adjust the mirror view angle.


2.14 Assemble the head rest (pic.28): Insert the assembly bars of head rest into the mount holes of seat.


2.15 Assemble the fuel tank (pic.29): fix the tank on the mount position of rear cargo rack with M8x25 bolts using 22-29 NM torque.


2.16 Connect the fuel tubes: connect the fuel tube and vacuum tube as shown in pic.30.

Vacuum tube t-cock, fuel tube, connect fuel tube, vacuum tube


2.17 connect the tail light, rear turn lights wirings (pic.31): insert the 3-pin terminal of tail light into the 3-hole terminal of wire harness, plug in the wires of rear left / right turn light according to cable colors. After all wires are connected, bundle the cables.


2.18 connect the head light wiring (pic.32): connect one side of head light wire with the main wire harness at the front left side of frame, wiring the head light wire along the left long bar cage to the top cage, connect the other side of head light wire to the head light 3-pin terminal, bundle the wire.


2.19 Assemble the front fender (pic.33): take down the bolts on the strut, assemble the fender, fix the bolt with torque 11-16NM.


2.20 Assemble the rear fender (pic.34): take down the M8x45 bolts from the fender bracket, assemble the rear fender, screw on the bolts with torque 22-29NM.


2.21 Assemble the yellow flag and flagpole: use the plastic bolt and nut to fix the flagpole on the rear cargo rack.

2.22 Install the battery, battery cover: put the battery liquid into the battery body, close the battery cover. Put the cushion plate into the battery mount box. Connect the battery wires to the battery poles “+ to +; - to –”, cover them. Put the wired battery into the battery mount box covered with the plastic protection cover, put the wires out through the protection cover slot, fasten the battery with battery strap. (Note: because the battery liquid and wiring of battery poles are dangerous, only  experienced adult can carry out this carefully with protection measures (protective glove, Prevent electric screwdriver).

Before driving please read the user manual of TrailMaster Go kart 150XRX carefully, you will be given with important safety information and advices.

Thanks a lot for choosing our off road buggy, hammerhead go kart, TrailMaster Go-kart 150XRX.

Now you can enjoy riding your mud go kart!

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