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Sinomach Extreme Moto(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. here named as XTM, our factory Taizhou Sinomach Extreme Moto Co., Ltd. located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of the most high quality Electric scooter, Electric bike, Go kart, buggies, ATV, UTV, tracked ATV, and the accessories like trailers, and other offroad products. Most of our products have EPA, CARB, EEC, and CE Certificates. Our company's annual sales amount is more than USD 5,000,000. With 9 years of manufacture and export experience, we can also provide ODM, OEM and Agent services to our customers over the world. Our main markets include North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Middle East and South America. The purpose of XTM is to supply quality products, competitive prices and prompt delivery according to customers' requirements to keep them competent. XTM hope to grow with partners all over the world and enjoy mutual benefits with you. Please feel free to contact us: Phone:+86-755-29357029 Mobile:+86 13958662281 (Sunny Shen) Email:       ( Sunny Shen )
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  • XTM Employee Care For The Old People
    XTM Employee Care For The Old People 2017-07-07

    July 1, 2017, Saturday, Party's Day, Sunny day. In the afternoon, we organized an activities of Care for the community. Now I would like to talk about the feelings of this event. Personally opinion, it is really needed for the company to participate in public welfare activities every quarter. In the meantime, we can earn a feeling of pleasure and accomplishment which you can’t not feel in normal days. Why talk it in public? It is not to prove to others. But to publicize the idea of do public service and to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm and motivation. Everyone should have a sense of responsibility to society, even though we can do something insignificant, but to ourselves, to others, to the society, is a harvest. About the arrangement of this activity, I think it is a challenge for individual organizational skills, but also a chance to exercise. Since there was no previous experience, the activities of the organization is not successful in general. Preparation is not sufficient, which caused a certain embarrassing atmosphere to the follow-up activities . Even though, we have learned a lot from it. For example, accumulated experience for next similar activities , we need to prepare several sets of programs according to different circumstances and give a preparatory program; do full pre-investigation and so on. When we arrived at nursing home in the afternoon, the old people are sitting in the Canteen and watching TV. The feeling of my first glance is, how small the number of people? It is a big difference with the information provided by the contact. After checked, i found that a lot of old people lying in bed and can not to come. The second feeling is that many of them who sitting  here are mobility. Seeing their gray hair, wrinkled face, rickets body, some old man hemiplegia, shrinking hands do not listen to the call, some dementia.That moment i feeling distressed. These old people just like our grandparents. They dedicatetheir youth and strength without reservation to their family, children, society. They suffering, after years of vicissitudes. It is lamenting the years ruthless and life easy old and let us know the precious of life and youth of the short, we should be grateful to the elderly, cherish life. In addition, we all have different feelings. Summed up, firstly, we should care for the elderly in our daily life , give them some warmth; Secondly, we should call on the community, as children, should give your parents a little more love, spend more time to accompany them; Thirdly, as the younger generation, we should do more exercise, so you can have a strong physique, for your own future, and it can also reduce the pressure of your children. During the activities, we sing a few songs, also brought some fruit and milk for the elderly . At the same time, there are many nursing workers show their talent and bring a lot of joy. Activity time did not last for a long time. At the back of the stage, we give the elderly a massage. Most of ...

  • Love Around You And Me, Dream It Possible You Can See
    Love Around You And Me, Dream It Possible You Can See 2017-04-10

    Love Around You And Me, Dream It Possible You Can See XTM team planting trees In mid-March, XTM team(UTV, off-road go karts etc…) had a very excited celebration of planting trees at countryside. This globe is full of pollutions in now adays. Green is so much important to us. It’s amazing that even one tree can produce 1277 tons! The more green trees, the healthier the earth. We, XTM team deeply know how important it is to protect environment and always willing to do something good for it. Digging holes Planting trees Little Tree please grow fast Make wishes Make wishes XTM team Trees are planted with our good wishes, hope everyone’s wishes can be realized with efforts.  XTM team, keep going for our dream!

  • XTM MOTO, Happy Birthday dear colleges!
    XTM MOTO, Happy Birthday dear colleges! 2017-03-11

    XTM MOTO, Happy Birthday dear colleges! Last week, our company XTM MOTO held a birthday party for our college Matt. Sales team in the company attended the birthday party, the birthday party which brought laughter, happy and string of surprises for everyone.                            Happy Birthday to you, Matt                                     Cut birthday cake                                      Share cake together Matt is a fan of XTM vehicles especially our brand new 400cc motorcycle and off road buggy. We all enjoyed this party and feel relax after busy work.

  • E-bike Market In UK Increase 20%
    E-bike Market In UK Increase 20% 2017-03-11

    According to E-Bike shop from UK, the E-bike sale in UK has increased 20% in 2016. But these sales still not reach to what the market promised. UK is one of the biggest market in Europe. In 2016 The E bike totally sold 30000 to 35000 units in UK. Haibike is the leader of UK market. E-bike will become more and more popular. UK market still not reaches to the biggest expanding yet. People know more and more about E bikes and it become popular. In next 2 years, we will see market sales of Ebikes will be increditably increased. Germany market is 3 years earlier than UK. So next 2 years will be exciting for E bikes. XTM MOTO noticed this trend and will bring more and more green powered bikes including E bikes, scooter electric, electric mopeds for adults, electronic scooter, electric scooter, two wheel electric scooter, electric moped scooter, adult electric scooter, electric motor scooters, electric scooter for adults for our Customers globally.

  • XTM MOTO Off Road Buggy & Side By Side UTV In China 's Largest Forest Park Jialong International Off-road Base
    XTM MOTO Off Road Buggy & Side By Side UTV In China 's Largest Forest Park Jialong International Off-road Base 2016-11-21

    XTM UTV Side By Side XTM go kat Trail-master 150XRX & 300XRX Off Road Track China biggest Forest Park, Baijia Lake Leisure Farm, RV Camping, JiaLong International offroad Base who is cooperation partner of Changsha Politics Channel, Brave Games and Summer Camp Program. It celebrate opening on Nov 10th for trial operation. This park introduced vrious types of eletric scooter , two big wheels electric scooter  off-road buggy, ATV quad, quad 4x4, razor side by side, utv sport, chinese utv ,off road utv, utv off road, kids snowmobile , car trailer , off road trailer , galvanized trailer , 3 wheel motorcycle , motor trike from XTM MOTO Here Chinese enjoy riding electric motor scooters , electric moped scooter , electronic scooter , electric mopeds for adults , atv quad, quad 4x4, dirt buggy, kids buggy, minibuggy, electric motorcycle , electric motorbike, water bikes, water bumper boats, water barbecue camping boats, water running ball, hand boat, transparent canoeing, remote control boats, badminton, table tennis, fitness, RV, ancient Willis experience Three rounds of experience, off-road track, professional cross-country track experience, fishing, barbecue camping, expansion, catering, rooms, conference. All items can play at night and not expensive thus attract thousands of people who love sports and off-road riding.

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