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    Since the company began in 2009 XTM has been to progress the trailer industry through design innovations - improving the product and value that consumers deserve. There are some off-road style trailers on the market. Many trailers are designed toward a specific purpose and are not a utility trailer. Typically these off-road trailers are designed specifically for expedition/camping type use. The tr...

  • How To Setup A Go Kart/Dunne Buggy? -Part Two
    • 2016-12-09 18:03:47

    We'll Update Else Assemble Parts. 2. Assembly 2.1 Assemble the rear shocks (pic.18): take down the bolts from the shocks, lift the rear swing arm to let the top of shock into the fixing seats of frame, use 37-44NM torque to fix the shocks attached the frame. (Note: 1NM = 0.74 lb ft) Pic.18 2.2 Assemble the rear wheels (pic.19): screw the castle nut M16x1.5 tightly with 98-103NM, then open the cott...

  • How To Setup A Go Kart/Dunne Buggy? -Part One
    • 2016-12-09 18:03:51

    First- how to assembled The little Components XTM moto buggy off road go kart Set up instruction This set up instruction guides our customer to set up the go kart TrailMaster 150XRX step by step to ensure a correct assembly for safe driving. 1. Check the components after opening the box. 1.1 Battery (pic. 1): type YTX12-BS (12V10Ah), includes one battery, one battery liquid, two bolts and nuts for...

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